Superior Nursery and Primary School is a day and boarding school. It was initially called Superior Academy School but we later in 2015 registered with Ministry of Education and Sports. After getting a UNEB Centre number, the name was changed from Superior Academy to Superior Nursery and Primary School.

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View of Superior Nursery and Primary School

The School comprises of three sections that is to say;

1. Day Care Section/kindergarten. This section cares for the babies between the age of (1yr-2yrs)

2. Nursery Section. This section cares for and trains little ones between the age of(3- 5yrs) It comprises of three levels as below;

{i) The Baby Class Section

{i)The Middle Class Section

{i)The Top Class Section

3. The Primary Section. This section cares for children from primary one to primary seven starting from a minimum range of 6 yrs and above.

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