We started with three students and progressed with them up to P.7. Two students were illegally registered by their parents while in P.6 and they both obtained div I in 2013. The next lot was five students and they all got Div. I. Next were 25 candidates of whom one got division II and the 24 got Div. I.  In 2016, we are registering 24 candidates.

Exam Centre

The first three sittings were done at Biotec Primary School because the number could not warrant the issuance of an examination centre. Fortunately in 2015, the number was adequate and we obtained both an examination centre and sitting centre for UNEB.

The enrollment has been kept low because we do not allow in new members in P.5 and above unless if the pupils pass the interviews, which has rarely been the case.


Year Total Number of Candidates DIV-I            Centre Rating % Rating in Makindye
2013 2 2 (Biotec) P.6 pupils 100 1st
2014 5 5 Biotec 100 1st
2015 25 24 Superior p/s 96 2nd


2013 2 0 0 0 0
2014 5 0 0 0 0
2015 24 1 0 0 0

school 3


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